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Thursday, September 16, 2004


Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal (I know you've already taken my previous advice and gotten the subscription) has an article on the environmental prostitutes at Greenpeace. Turns out, just like Exxon, they like to go sailing in the fragile waters of Alaska. Except, unlike Exxon, Greenpeace has a tough time complying with most environmental laws and now face substantial criminal penalties for failing to enter these waters without the required oil spill prevention plan or proof of financial responsibility should a spill occur (and thats a real concern since their boat holds over 128,000 gallons of oil and lubricants).

Greenpeace, of course, is pleading not guilty, laying the blame instead on a "communications mishap" and simple "clerical error."
According to the Washington Legal Foundation, a lawyer for Greenpeace was also quoted as saying that environmental regulations are "getting to be more complicated in this day and age." You don't say.


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