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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Post's Credibility Gap

When the Washington Post runs articles like today'sNo Cheers Over Gun Ban's End, they are just calling out for people to again attack their credibilty.
Gun dealers in Maryland and Virginia said yesterday that lifting the 10-year-old federal ban on assault weapons would have little effect on business -- no parties to celebrate the expiration and probably no lines out the door.

For one thing, distributors could not ship the weapons until the ban expired at midnight today, so stores won't have the fresh stock for days or weeks. But mostly, the dealers said, customers just aren't that eager to buy them.
Well, they had to travel four and a half hours away to find a dealer to support that claim. Closer to home, at Galyans Sports, about 20 miles outside D.C., the Hunting Department told me they had "about 400 calls already" today inquiring about standard 13 round magazines. For what its worth, Galyans is having a killer firearms saleright now. Check it out. This Ruger M77 is sweet. No word if the sale also includes their fine collection of handguns as well.

At Blue Ridge Arsenal, about 15 miles outside D.C. and where I purchased my former law enforcement only 13 round standard mags last nite, they told me they had been selling them like hot cakes all day long, and that in conjunction with the lifting of the three day waiting period in Fairfax, VA on July 1st, sales had been through the roof and in the previous two months they were almost equal to total handgun sales last year.

I guess I should also point out that C&E and Showmasters plan to bring The Nation's Gun Show back to D.C. the weekend of October 9th (thats my birthday weekend, how fun!!!)


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