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Monday, September 13, 2004


Well, i went shopping tonite.

I was hoping to find a wide assortment of goodies at all the usual locations, but sadly, no one seems to have stocked anything in preparation of the end of the dreaded Assault Weapons Ban (of course, I was only looking at places within 25 minutes of me)

That, of course, led me to call Blue Ridge Arsenal, a gun deealer with a reputation locally for shoddy service, a dangerous range, and high prices couples with rude sales people. Turns out, Blue Ridge does have some magazines for my Glock, so I bit the bullet and headed over.

Boy, was I surprised. First, the store seems to be well stocked with firearms (lots of nice looking revolvers) and other accessories. Display cases, which used to sit empty, were now full. The guys working there were friednly, and the range looked clean. Turns out, as of about 1 year ago, they are under new management. I'm going to blog more about them later, but as of now, I would recommend giving them another shot.

Anyway, the mags they had were new (as in not used) Law Enforcement Only mags. They had not gotten new new mags in, but I was actually more pleased to buy a couple of these 13 rounders for the Glock 23 at $26 each (If you join their range, you get 15% off). As the guy said, it sure beats the $85 they used to fetch.

I'll post pics later tonite.

For now, i am just drooling over my purchase


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