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Monday, September 13, 2004


Spoons wants to go shopping.

Here's what I am on the look out for (remembering, of course, that I am facing close to $2000 in auto repair bills - so no new AR-15s for me).

First, I am going to get some replacement mags for my G23. Regular size please, none of those wimpy ten rounders for me.

Then, I am going to get myself a couple of new Butler Creek 50 round mags for the 10/22. I hate to reload in the middle of a fun plinking session, and its just so much easier to swap in a new Butler Creek mag than having to carry around a dozen of the baby 10 rounders.

I supose I ought to get a couple of new 40 rounders for the SAR-1 (AK-47 clone). A folding stock would be nice too, don't ya think? Is it easy to put a flash hider and a bayonette on? Or should I just consider the purchase of a new one with those features (such purchase would have to be delayed considerably, in light of the aformentioned auto repair bill).

When I do have enough cash on hand again (after I buy a safe, thats the next big purchase and its one I need to make) I'm buying myself a Colt AR-15 (or maybe a Bushmaster, why would I choose one over the other?) with one of those nice collapsible stocks.

Well, thats the shopping list. Tonite, after work, I am heading over to Potomac Arms in Alexandria, VA to go shopping. I'll probably drive by Galyans in Fair Lakes, VA too, just to give them some of my celebratory business as well.

WELCOME to everyone from Spoons. I've actually gone shopping and found some magazines. Read about them here and here. Plus, there's lots more on the Assault Weapons Ban here and the forthcoming vote to repeal the D.C. Gun Ban. Feel free to browse. A good place to start is here. Just keep scrolling down.


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