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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

More on the D.C. Gun Ban

Good for Marc Souder (R-S.C.)

"This is a constitutional issue, not a home rule question," Souder said. "The fact is, we didn't allow the District to have home rule on the selling of slaves, either."

Of course, at the same time that Souder appeals to reason, the Democrats remain mired in confusion.
After praising Kerry for "the courage of your leadership" to extend the ban, Norton said, "I have just learned that the House will shortly schedule an up-or-down vote to repeal all our local gun safety laws. . . . President Bush, who promised to support an effective assault weapons ban four years ago, would apparently allow the unlawful purchase and use of such weapons even in the nation's capital."
I'm going to pass on the "Courage of your leadership remark, cause thats just too easy, but I would like to point out that if the purchase of firearms is allowed by law, then that purchase, by definition, simply can't be illegal. Perhaps one of my democratic readers can explain this seemingly contradictory statement to me.

What, You can't? Oh, thats what I thought.

While the repeal doesn't stand much chance of success in the Senate, it remains a powerful and smart political move.
Referring to Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), Forti said, "I think Nancy Pelosi's worst nightmare is a vote on this issue because [rural Democrats and House moderates] don't vote with the Democrats. They have no choice; otherwise they'd be finished in electoral office."


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