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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Imagine That

Hmm, it looks like Retired Lt. Col. Bill Burkett has a few skeletons in his closet.

He published this attack on President Bush last year with the Veterans for Peace organization. Now, how much do you want to bet there is a connection between them and John Kerry's old cronies in the peace movement?

While GW Bush will be cast as a conquering hero by his political team and accepted by the population as such, history will treat him as Napoleonic. Bush will reach a new lofty level of acceptance by first fear and then staged triumph. Those who waited too long to gain their voice will lose their voice again.
He then goes on to state
We must now revert to the history of Europe to discern what to do. We must study the nemesis of France and how Napoleon was felled before understanding the damage a tyrant does to a nation and society. We must examine the ruthless and dictatorial rise of yet another of the three small men—one whose name is not spoken out of fear of reprisal, but his name was Adolf. We must examine history, in order to not repeat it, and to understand the mesmerism of a public to a murderous scheme. Three small men who wanted to conquer . . . and vanquish. Each created a need for a balancing throng; history then recorded the damage from a far better perspective.

More than one French or German household now sits watching the US expending her virtue through the tools of greed, anger and vengeance. And they caution us. They caution that out of this strong arm tactic will bring about the rise of a United Europe or Asia to counterbalance an arrogant superpower.

Oh, so the Kerry's last ditch hope is to return to the Mooresque charges of Hitler.



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