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Friday, September 17, 2004

Iowa Reasons

This is a pretty fair Op-Ed from one of the major papers in the battleground state of Iowa.
Cowboy "six-guns" and holsters of my youth are largely gone from today's toy boxes, replaced by more futuristic toy weapons. Many adults, however, now shoot authentic replicas of the guns their movie heroes used. The old bang-bang, I-got-you - no-you-missed-me arguments are gone in today's high-tech young adult paint ball games. Cowboy action shooting is a growing and popular sport, and so, I must assume, is assault weapon shooting.
. . .

People can again buy "real" assault weapons. It's their right, the same as it's mine to have my old hunting shotgun and rifle. Ownership and use of military weapons without military training and discipline is a dangerous mix, though. It would be a refreshing and useful change to have people focus as much attention on the responsibilities of gun ownership and use as they do on protecting their Second Amendment right to bear arms.


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