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Monday, September 27, 2004


Ravenwood, who btw I went shooting with yesterday, has a great link to a Libertarian quiz on his page. I took it and scored a pretty reasonable 87% . . . enough to classify me as a:

Radical Libertarian

But, you say . . . . why are you not a pure libertarian??

Well, while I think freedom of travel without restrictions is an ideal goal to strive for, while many in the world still inist upon bringing harm to our way of life, the need to secure our borders is vital. To that extent, I aligned myself with the
>Illegal immigration is a serious problem, but the solution is more border patrol and/or use of the military to guard the borders better

school of thought. Maybe once we defeat al Qaeda we can open up the borders again - though in order to quell future attacks we really need a better system of tracking what foreignors are coming and going from the country.

For what its worth, on the education question I also sided with the
Replace government-owned schools with government-provided vouchers for everyone
school of thought since the state (ie: individual states) are in an excellent position to help ensure a basic education for all citizens across socierty. However, I'm hesitant of the state dictating whats the wrong or right subject to teach, and believe the marketplace will better sort those educational issues out.

In any case, take the quiz and see how you fare.


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