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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Da Debate

Cheney won easily. Not even close, but thats just my humble opinion. Between the can't stand with Howard Dean line and discussions of Edwards as Sen. Gone, I thought Cheney devestated him.

Of course, the Kerry blog (and Andrew Sullivan) are running this picture, as if that somehow discredits all Cheney stated. I don't think so, and in fact, I think it strengthens his position.

The picture is not of them shaking hands, but ratherof Edwards walking behind Cheney, with no indication of whether they actually met. Furthermore, the National Prayer Breakfast is an event that doesn't take place at the Capitol, but rather it seems to usually be at the Washington Hilton. The picture in no way disputes what Cheney said - that he had never met (that he could remember) Sen. Edwards, even though he presided over the Senate almost every Tuesday for 3 1/2 years, or that Edwards actually attended any Intelligence Committee hearings.

Regardless of this, I guess the bigger picture still remains . . . does anyone really care about the VP debate. Well, I think it was more important for Cheney to do good than it was for Edwards. I would have liked to see some of the softballs hit out of the park . . . yesterday morning I was talking to a White House staffer and urged them to use the "When did we ever invade Japan / Where did we land first after the attack on Pearl Harbor" line. They thought it was great, but Cheney didn't use it. Not sure if my sentiments just didn't make it up the line, or what not, but it would have been an easy one.

More later, though I feel like crap this morning (a couple of glasses of Bourbon will do that to you), so I don't know when later will be.


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