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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Wictory Wednesdays - a day late

This week's Wictory Wednesday is dedicated to securing the victory of Richard Burr over Bill Clinton's former Chief of Staff Erskin Bowles. Republican Richard Burr, who was 10 points behind Democrat Erskine Bowles, is rapidly moving up and the race is now dead even. It's only going to get better for Burr. North Carolina has no business electing a Democrat senator and this seat will be an easy GOP pickup in 2004.

However, Burr needs your help. The wealthy Bowles is pouring his own money into the race and Burr needs to counter him. If you don't want Democrats controlling the Senate, and continuing to prevent the appointment of judges who recognize the second amendment, please contribute whatever little you can to Burr's campaign.

Every Wednesday, hundreds of bloggers ask their readers to donate to an important Republican Senate campaign as part of Wictory Wednesday. If you're a blogger, you can join Wictory Wednesdays by e-mailing They'll add you to the Wictory Wednesday blogroll and send you a reminder e-mail every Wednesday, explaining which Senate candidate to support that day.

Here is the list of blogs currently participating in Wictory Wednesdays:


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