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Saturday, November 06, 2004

A little something for the holidays

Cowboy Bob was looking for a recipe like this, and I hadn't posted anything for the Carnival of Recipes in awhile.

With the holidays coming, I thought this might be appropriate.


Mike's Kahlua Coffee Liquor

2 cups strong coffee.
1 1/3 cup sugar
2 cups vodka (brand doesn't matter - use wino vodka if you want, make sure its 100-120 proof)
1 vanilla bean

Make a fresh pot of joe. Don't use Folgers or Maxwell House. Use something good and strong. I've got a Portuguese coffee I use (I don't disclose everything about my recipe), but any French or Italian type roast should do. The Coffee they sell at Ikea works well too.

Add the sugar. You can vary it according to your preference.

After brewing, let the coffee cool and then split the vanilla bean in two and add vodka. Again, you can adjust the vodka/coffee mix as your tastebuds warrant. 50/50 works very well though.

Transfer to a bottle.

After 2-4 weeks strain, remove the vanilla bean and transfer to a new bottle.

Its ready to drink


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