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Friday, November 05, 2004

Pigs Get Slaughtered

Two bloggers with vastly different views on the issue of gay marriage both make the argument I've made for many years, Pigs Get Slaughtered. It's an important lesson, in fact I believe its the most important item I learned in law school (along with not letting your client get caught holding the bag).

Jeff Soyer, the gay gun nut blogger from the Upper Valley of Vermont where I went to law school has a great post on why democrats don't get it, and what the left's greed has gotten them.

My fellow Virginian and glock nut buddy John Tant of the Crease has a post on what the election means and the dangers of pushing too hard in one direction. He even refers to this principle of pigs getting slaughtered.

You can read my two main posts from earlier this year on the subject here and here.

Pigs get slaughtered. Its a good lesson and as we look at Bush's agenda over the next four years, one I hope he heeds, for the sake of the Republican party.


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