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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Electing Predictions

So, I'm asking myself, how did I do with my election predictions?

Hmm, I said a big electoral landslide or a close loss with Bush winning the popular vote by 2-3% and losing the electoral college.

I'll give myself 3/4 credit. I got the Bush margin of victory nationally right, and while Bush didn't quite meet my electoral college prediction, he did have a pretty convincing electoral college victory. If you've got a problem with this, lets take it out back.

The House didn't fall . . . . got that right too!!

How bout the Senate?

We don't know the result in Alaska yet, but Lisa Murkowski is declaring victory and the Washington Post has her up by 10,000 votes with 98% of precincts reporting.
I was wrong, but happily so. BTW, she is an NRA endorsed candidate.

California - Boxer wins. Thats too bad and I would have gladly gotten this one wrong.

Colorado - Seems I was wrong about Pete Coors. Oh well, thats too bad. I'll go have a Coors at lunch today to help console him.

Florida is pretty close, but the Washington Post is calling it for Mel Martinez 49-48. Chalk that up as a correct pick.

Georgia - nailed it, and Isakson is another NRA endorsed candidate.

Illinois - nailed it and both my wife and I were impressed by Barak Obama's acceptance speech and his seemingly first among Democrat's call for Kerry to concede.

Louisiana - got it wrong, but thats ok, I'll take another Republican in the Senate any day.

North Carolina - nailed it.

Oklahoma - called this one too, and not many people seemed to have faith in Coburn.

Pennsylvania - I was corret, but either way we lost with this one. Is there any way to keep this jerk off of the Judiciary Committee?? Surprisingly, to me at least, he was an NRA endorsed candidate.

South Carolina - Picked it. Jim DeMint is a good guy. I look forward to working with him.

South Dakota - George Allen just said this was the equivilent to picking up three more Democratic seats. I hope so, and that may be the case in the short term, but somehow I doubt it. In either case, I picked it.

Washington - unfortunately, I was correct about Osama Bin Laden's friend and supporters re-election. Haven't ever been to Seattle, and don't imagine I have any desire to visit in the near future.

Wisconsin - I went out on a limb here but at the end of the day Tim Michels couldn't pull off the upset (heck, it wasn't even close).


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