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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Results

I am not blogging the election, but since I blogged a bit about my precinct work earlier, I thought I would post the results.

John Kerry - 837
George Bush - 756
Michael Peroutka - 3
Michael Badnarik - 8
Ralph Nader - 7 (write in)
Tim Buch - 1 (write in)
Peter C. - 1 (write in)

This is stunning news. Last time out, Al Gore carried this precinct by almost 200 votes. The democrats were sure dejected. I hope this is an indication of how well things go, nationally and according to the report I got from friends at Bush HQ it is an indication of how well actual voting in Florida is going.

In the Congressional Race the results were

James Socas - 684
Frank Wolf - 892
Gary Deter - 2 (write in)

Socas spent a fortune in Northern Virginia, and employed reprehensible tactics, trying to beat Wolf. he deserved to get spanked in the 2nd most heavily democrat precinct and if TV reports are any indication, will get less than 25% of the total vote. The big question then is how soon till he moves back to San Francisco . . . . he voted in the recall and has rented his apartment for less than 10 months.

Of course, the Democrat supported bond measures all passed overwhelmingly with none getting less than 70% and some gathering over 80% of the votes cast (which should give you an idea of how liberal my precinct is).


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