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Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Looney Left

South Knox Bubba basically admits that he is a looney.
Fuck all y'all. Save your steaming pile of 'sore loser' bullshit and your condescending pantload of self-righteous 'pity' and pious 'condolences' and 'compassionate' concern for my well being. Nothing I've said here in the last couple of days hasn't been said here before. You're just seeing it in a different light because it doesn't worry you any more.

You think I'm bitter? Damn right. And for good reason. What am I supposed to do? I spent thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to advance progressive ideas and candidates with facts and logic. We lost. Sometimes you need a good ass-whipping to clarify the mind. We just got one. Now we're supposed to just roll over and be 'good sports' and go along to get along? Fuck that. It's on.

As he likes to say . . . .

OK, then.


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