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Monday, January 10, 2005

Apple Computer
The Most Important Media Company of the 21st Century

The NY Times gets it.
Having successfully connected the music world and the computer worlds with the iPod, Mr. Jobs may have his sights on extending Apple in other new directions - perhaps a high-priced set-top box - rather than looking backwards. He has worked his magic in Hollywood before and would have the credibility to strike an alliance that might permit Apple to deliver movies and video to some sort of elegant digital home server.
Thats the reason I am so bullish on Apple stock. Its a long term investment, baby. One I saw coming over three years ago. Think iTunes for movies (and you thought iTunes was delivering free music videos just for the heck of it?) and remember that they already have the internet's largest collection of trailers online at the Quicktime site and Jobs is currently negotiating with Hollywood for the rights to future Pixar movies.


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