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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Major Gun Data Request

My boss is meeting with Gail Norton this week and I mentioned to him that one of the crazy right wing nut gun rights groups I belong to is filing a petition before the Department of Interior to overturn the National Parks Carry ban. He inquired if it was a Data Quality Petition - I said no - but it got me thinking.

If you know of - or even suspect - an instance of the federal government or one of its agency's basing a regulation upon faulty data or publishing or disseminating faulty data - please post a comment here or email me about it. I've had some luck with Data Quality Petitions in the past, and think its about time to use the DQA to protect our Second Amendment rights.

I know there are plenty of examples out there, I just want some help from my esteemed readers as I try to compile all the instances of faulty data being cited by the FEDERAL government.



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