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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Metro's Star

Well, after my morning journey to work, I felt to need to remind readers that not everything metro is bad. Sure, the orange line this morning was once again too crowded, with too few trains running, spaced too far apart. Add to the mix cherry blossom tourists (pictures will be up tomorrow or Friday) and it spells trouble.

However, today I got lucky and landed on the train driven by Metro's star conducter. If your a frequent Orange line rider, you undoutably know who he is. His cheerfullness and pleasant disposition is the exception to the otherwise incompetant Metro system.

For example, this morning we were greeted with the wonderful advice of Coutesy Is Contagiooooouuuuuuusssss. Upon debarking, he reminded us all to Remember to have a bright bright sunshiny day.

I don't know what his name is, or what he looks like, but Mr. Orange line metro man, thanks for being such a bright spot in the otherwise dreadful Metro system. You have my vote as metro commissioner.


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