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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Supremes Uphold Rights of Gun Owners

All i can say is WOW!!!

On one side we have the usually reliable Justices Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia and Anthony M. Kennedy interpreting a domestic prohibition on the ownership of guns by felons to include foreign convictions.

On the other side we get Justice Stephen G. Breyer who rote for a majority that included Justices John Paul Stevens, Sandra Day O'Connor, David H. Souter and Ruth Bader Ginsburg upholding the 2nd Amendment.

Like I said Wow! You can read the entire opinion here. Juan Non Volokh also weighs in with his/her opinion (Now, if he/her would just bring back the Sunday song lyric).

Of course, I understand why each side found as it did, and actually can't disagree with the dissent. I do think Congress intended the statute to include foreign convictions, but its nice that the liberal five are going to knock it down for not being clear enough.

If only they had accorded Mr. Emerson with the same amount of leniency


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