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Monday, May 09, 2005

The Bloggin' Life

Les Jones went to BlogNashville and blogged the entire event (how fitting).

He's got Photo's of Nashville; a bit of Bird Blogging; the Friday Night Blogger MeetUp; Hossein Derakshan's BlogNashville Talk; Dave Winer's less than respectful disagreement; A TRUE LIFESAVING STORY; some sexy blog flirting; and his adios note, as well as some great afterhours photos and the John Jay Hooker post.

What is so funny is that here I am in my very corporate-political-job across the street from the White House, as far removed from what was transpiring in Nashville (and with the Rocky Top Bridge generally) as you can be and we spent almost 45 minutes at our weekly staff meeting this morning discussing blogging, bloggers, BlogNashville, and whether we should do a blogging event itself.

WHile the initial idea to have a prominent blogger at our next big meeting appears to not be happening (we've landed someone bigger - at least around this town - we are already thinking of ways to invite the Blogfather and bloggers in general to an event later this fall.

How fun!!!!


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