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Friday, May 20, 2005

Is He Stoned Or Just Stupid

Say Uncle linked to this story earlier - to highlight Carolyn McCarthy's failure to have all guns banned.

I, of course, am more fascinated by this rocket scientist
Democrats have been skittish on gun control out of an unfounded concern that it was a loser for them, said Robert Zimmerman, a member of the Democratic National Committee from Great Neck.

Unfounded??? Geeze, what reality is he living in. I guess the last, oh 10 years of electoral failure because of the gun issue really isn't unfounded. No, as a Republican I he is right. The world would be better if all the Democrats really embraced the "If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have done it" mentality of Dianne Feinstein.


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