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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Revenge Of The Sith

Star Wars
Revenge of the Sith

Saw it tonight at the Uptown Theater in Cleveland Park.


It was simply awesome.

My wife thought it was the best Star Wars movie, period.

I don't think it was that good - nothing will top Star Wars itself, but I do think it was as good as any of the sequels - better than Return of the Jedi and as good as the Empire Strikes Back - which also had a dark theme, though not as dark as this one.

As for the usual naysayers, I think they need to get a life. When you see a movie like this you need to put on your 12 year old boy hat and try to see it through their eyes. If you do, you will see why it is so great. Indeed, I thought it also stood up under my more sophisticated 33 year old hat too, but its the 12 year old in me that it really brought out.

Of course, it also helps to go see it in a theater that is deserving of the movie, which the Uptown surely is. If your theater has audio problems, you ought to go see it again elsewhere before using your highly influential web page to defame an otherwise great summer movie. One of the all time great ones, actually, and I'd recommend everyone see it again. I know I will be going again this week, there were a few lines we missed - the thunderous applause was so loud at parts - none more dramatic than the final words of Padmé as she bestows Luke and Leia on Obi Wan.


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