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Friday, June 10, 2005

Fitness Blogging #4

Well, today wasn't as productive of a day as the previous days, but I knew that before hand. My biggest disappointment is the continued failure to ride my bike in. As I was up late last night blogging and surfing and paying bills and stuff, when my alarm went off at 6:00 am my attempt to hit the snooze actually shut it off. I didn't wake up until my wife woke in shock to see me there at 7:42 am. Took a quick shower (weighed in at 204) ironed a shirt and raced out of the house to catch the 8:25 bus. As I rounded the corner I saw a bus pulling up down the street and though - thats ok, its the 15K bus (which hits the CIA before heading to Rosslyn) but a quick glance at my watch showed it was 8:27 and with the realization that my 24T bus had arrived and I had no other way to work short of waking the wife up, I took off running and ran about 300 yards to catch the bus as it was stuck in traffic further down the street trying to turn. Did I mention it was super hot and super humid today??? Anyway, I got the heart rate up to 171 (funnily enough that happened after I stopped running and boarded the bus) and my clothes were soaked by the time we got off at East Falls Church Metro.

Speaking of soaked, tonight we went to see the Nationals win their 8th game in a row and 11th out of their last 12. They are in first place in the National League East, in case you didn't know. I've been to a bunch of games this season (went in on season tickets with some friends) but this is the first time I've actually sat in our seats in about 6 weeks (I've been sitting in my employers seas and other lobbyists in towns seats for the last couple of games we attended. My seats are better than those though. Anyway, it was super duper hot and humid this evening and I ended up carrying my son on my shoulders the 1/4 mile (it might be more - its about a 10 minute walk) from the metro to the stadium and back. We also jumped up and down and danced and high fived and got good and sweaty at the game. It was a load of fun.

I had nothing. This isn't a good thing to do and I suffered throughout the day because of it. But still the fact remains when you get up late, you miss breakfast.

AM Snack
We have a weekly staff meeting every Friday and this morning after it I had a cup of coffee with 3 things of half and half put into it.

I was planning on picking up something light and going for a jog/walk for lunch but a former colleague of mine called me at 11:30 and asked if I wanted to join him and a number of attorney's from the firm where I used to practice at the Metropolitan Club for lunch. Seeing as I don't have the hundred of thousands of spare ka'ching needed to join, I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to head over there. Anyway, they had oral arguments before the court of appeals this morning in a case I spent a number of years litigating and wanted to fill me in on the details. We went over for the buffet and here's what I ate:
1 cup of shrimp salad, a heaping pile (maybe  6 pieces) of smoked salmon, 1 piece of bluefish (3 oz)
I drank 2 glasses of ice water and half a glass of iced tea (with lemon). For desert I had a cup of hot tea with lemon (no sugar). Not too bad for what might be the finest buffet in DC.

PM snack
Still, as tasty as the fish rich lunch was, without breakfast I was still feeling it. Around 4:00 I broke open a small individual serving box of Kellog's Corn Flakes and ate it without milk. ( 90 calories)

It was also super hot by this time (my office is on the top floor of the building and I have a huge window) so I filled a Nalgene bottle of up with ice water (32 oz) and drank it. Needless to say, the bathroom was calling soon after that.

My wife picked me up at 5:30 and we drove over to a parking garage near Metro Center. We walked up 3 flights of stairs to the street from our parking place with my son sitting on my shoulders (burned a lot of calories with that one) The wife saw people eating outside at Harry's Bar and Tap (approximately 11th and G) so we went there. I know a chick who likes to hang out there, she's a bit of a cop whore, but never went there myself. Well, it turns out the place is crawling with cops and FBI agents and tourists (its attached to a cheap motel). Anyway, its way too hot to eat outside so we went inside and all they have is basically burgers. I ordered the baby burger - 6.5 ounces medium and asked for a salad with oil and vinegar instead of french fried. At the burger (with a tomato, lettuce, onion and a tablespoon of ketchup on it) and the salad and had 1 Oreo cookie that they served with the meal (2 came with the meal, but my son ate my other one) For a beverage I had tea with lemon. Its also worth noting that I took my son to the bathroom and saw something worthwhile of an entirely new blog entry itself. Look for it this weekend.

At the game we got to our seats and I drank water the entire time - my wife had a diet Pepsi and my son had 3/4 of a Pepsi. He wanted cotton candy so we purchased him a thing of it, and the three of us split it (yikes, that can't be good for me, but it tasted ooooh soo good). Later on in the game - around the 6th inning, we also got two lemonades. Frankly, they were the worst lemonades I have ever had. The set them up to appear to be fresh squeezed with an elaborate looking stand, etc . . . . but in fact they are nothing but lemonade syrup (the kind they used in summer camp, yuck!) and water with a bit of ice and half a lemon floating in it (they didn't even try to squeeze the lemon). Anyway, they were unreasonably sweet and I drank about half the cup before putting it down.

After the game, when we got home, I had a bottle of water and 3 pieces of sharp cheddar cheese (pre sliced and approx. 110 calories).

My parents are coming in to town tomorrow, so I suspect that I will be eating a lot. Im gonna try to go hiking in the morning though, before they arrive. I'll post an update tomorrow night.


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