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Thursday, July 28, 2005

If I Were King

I've often joked that if I were king, the world (or at least the country) would function in a much more efficient manner. Often times I would bring this up while in traffic as I suggested simply shooting idiots who drive 25 in the left hand lane or alternativly drive 105 mph during rush hour traffic (don't get me started on rubberneckers). Anyway, there are other catagories of people who probably deserve the full extent of my kingly rath and none more so than Channoah Alece Green

This thing (I can't even bring myself to call her a person) dropped her 4 year old son off on the side of I-495 (ie: the DC Beltway) at 10:00 pm the other night because he refused to sit down in the car (of course, the news reports have failed to indicate whether or not she actually had the proper child booster seat in the car). She then hit him with the car as he tried to get back in. Her son was found by a passing motorist wandering around on the side of the road. The bitch incidently was arrested 90 miles away just outside Richmond when she caused a crash on I-95.

Why they arrested her, instead of shooting her on the spot, is a mystery to me. Further, why they are simply charging her with child neglect and hit and run instead of attempted murder is beyond me. I just hope that they throw her in with the general population at the prison to do what the arresting cops should have done - rid society of her presence.

Luckily for this boy he is now in th custody of Fairfax County where I am sure a suitable family will be found (heck, I would be surprised if there wasn't a line of people looking to adopt him.
At the hospital, Kincaid, a state police officer for six years who once worked at a youth shelter, took the boy for walks around the emergency room. "He said he wanted to go for a walk. I took him for a walk," Kincaid said, adding, "Everybody at the hospital was making a big fuss over him."

A nurse gave the tyke ice cream, and a state trooper bought him toy action figures from the nearest drugstore, Kincaid said. "The trooper promised to get him a Power Ranger. The best he could do was Donald and Goofy. They had on parachutes. The little boy liked them very much," he said.


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