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Monday, August 15, 2005

Breaking News

Or not.

I have a TV in my office. When congress is in session, its usually tuned in to either C-Span or C-Span 2. When Congress is out, I have it tuned into whatever. Today, its been on Fox News all day. I don't really pay attention to it - but use it just for background noise.

Its usually effective, except when dumb newscasters get in the way. Like today for instance. Did you know that the Iraqis decided to delay final drafting of their new constitution?

I guess thats news, and I heard about it shortly after 9:00 am when they broke into the news cast with sound effects (and blaring horns) and a BREAKING NEWS ALERT which led to them ecitdly reporting that "This important news is just in, the Iraqi Constitution . . . . "

Thats fine, I guess. Not really the 9/11 type development that would warrent all the excitement, but whatever. The thing I can't stand though is that the same schtick over the same story every half an hour.

Folks, if it was breaking news that "Just came in" at 9:00 am, how in the hell can you repeat the same report at 4:19 and claim it is still BREAKING NEWS that "just came in."

It isn't, though I am amazed at how each story seems to be given the same treatment, especially this Aruba thing. God, the girl got drunk and horney and left her good senses back at church in Alabama. Her friends shouldn't have left her to go off and fuck some locals. Its sad, but its all too common and simply doesn't warrant the end of the world constant reporting that Fox subjects its viewers to.

Geeze, this channel is SOOOOOOO bad, I might even have to return to the Commie News Network.


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