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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Darwin Award Trainee??

Travis Stewart of Rexburg, Idaho is not only an asshole, he's bound to be a Darwin Award Winner one of these days.

The truck's driver was going too fast, officials said, which caused the truck to jack-knife at the Red Narrows, one of the canyon's sharp turns. The truck tipped over, skidded across the pavement and started a fire on the mountainside.

So, Travis is a jerk and a bad driver, but thats not really the problem. Its what he was carrying while driving like that which is frightening.

Metal shards, frayed pieces of tire and an engine block were all that was left of a truck carrying 38,000 pounds of explosives after the cargo detonated Wednesday afternoon on U.S. 6 in Spanish Fork Canyon.

Here's the aftermath.
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