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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mid Atlantic Blogshoot

UPDATE August 15, 2005 11:39 p.m.
It looks like I won't be able to participate this coming weekend. I spoke to my father this evening and my grandfather's health has taken a drastic turn for the worst. My brother and I are going to try and Fly down to Florida this weekend to see him. After my grandmother passing away in December this really sucks. Feel free to carry on the blogshoot and communicate with each other through here.

Sorry. I'll be at the NRA Range Wednesday evening if you want to go shooting then.

I'm going to post date this entry so that it stays at the top for a few days.

So, after some email and comment prompting, and after reading about the overwhelming success of the Northeast Bloggershoot I was thinking maybe we should organize our own Mid Atlantic DC Area Blogger Shoot.

I am interested in peoples opinions about the following

1) Is anyone interested?

2) The date I am looking at is Saturday August 20th (last day I will be in town before Vacation). Is this a good date or does anyone have an alternative?

3) There are two location options:

a) We spend the morning at the NRA Range in Fairfax and then head over to Bull Run for some shotgunning sports.
b) We head over to the Dry River District Range outside Harrisburg, VA (2 hours from DC) and just spend the day in the woods shooting things up.

Does anyone have access to an outdoor location closer to DC?

There ya go, what do people think. Let me know.


Well, I braved the weather and made some calls.
Clark Brothers won't allow us to reserve lanes, won't allow "fun" shooting activities, and probably can't accommodate a group our size. I do recommend them if you haven't been before, just not for this occasion.
I was hoping to get us onto the Northern Virginia Gun Club but my buddy there can't make it next weekend - he's going to be at the beach with his wife. Because of various issues concerning its inability to honor the 2nd Amendment or allow citizens to carry guns, I just can't imagine this taking place at any range in Maryland - though I have been to some nice ones. Its just going to be too diverse a group of people and Guns for Maryland. Finally, Chester Phelps is closed until September 1.

As a result - I am recommending we hit the Dry River District Range outside Harrisburg, VA. I'll bring a cooler with some food and beverages - as well as plenty of ammo and guns. I am also going to try and build some fun targets this week. If anyone else in the DC area wants to caravan (or carpool) in, I'd suggest we meet in Manassas at the Cracker Barrel off of I-66 (its just something about their breakfasts) at 8:00 am. If we can leave there by 8:30 am, we should arrive at the Dry River District Range around 10:30 with plenty of time for a day of firearms fun.

For those that want to meet us there - take I-81 to Harrisburg, VA getting off on U.S. 33. Take U.S. 33 West into the Jefferson National Forest traveling about 25 miles. About 1 mile east of the Brandywine Lake Recreation Area head north on Forest Development Road (FDR) 151. The range is about a mile up FDR 151. If my memory serves me correct (its been some time since I've gone up there) you will actually take 33 into West Virginia about a mile or two. Its a gorgeous drive. There is ample parking and covered shooting lanes.

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If your going to attend, send me an email at countertop AT If someone has a better idea, feel free to suggest it in the comment box.


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