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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Chelsea Smiles

I've blogged about The Chelsea Smiles before.

Hard rock loving punk band? Or punk loving hard rock band?

An earful of their just-released EP (which includes two tunes from the upcoming LP due early next year) and it’s clear what they are about: ballistic beats, raging guitar-driven melodies and potent double-whammy vox; Black and Youth trade off both lead guitar and singing duties, a sonic approach that’s even more imposing live. They’ve been incessantly compared to the Ramones, but their sound is more like a cross between the Hellacopters, AC/DC and the New York Dolls: punk meets metal, with bits of gutter-glam grit. Simply put, catchy, ballsy rock & roll.

If your a fan of straight up, hard hitting rock and roll, check them out. They have some tunes up on their site and the video to their new single, Nowhere Ride.

Simply Awsome!

You heard it here first. Todd Youth is the real deal and has been rocking out and living the rock & roll life since we were in 7th grade.

We’ve all heard the rock & roll savior speech from band guys before, but out of (Todd) Youth’s mouth, it sounds honest and even plausible. Thin, pale and covered in tattoos, he looks the part, sure, but that’s not what we’re buying. Despite the name, this N.Y.-bred rocker is no kid, and the Chelsea Smiles is probably his last shot at stardom - yet there’s not a drop of desperation (or insincerity) in his deep, nicotine-scorched tone. Of course, Hot Topic would be out of business if there weren’t already plenty of jet-headed teens with coal-smudged eyes and spiked belts out there. The thing is, these days those kids listen to My Chemical Romance or, worse, Ashlee Simpson. Virtually no one else is spewing the kind of exhilarating, Johnny Thunders-style rock & roll championed by the Chelsea Smiles. This loud and proud music really is a lifestyle for Youth and his gang of raven warriors, and you get the feeling that the only thing about the band that will change if they get famous is the size of their venues.

I haven't seen him in a few years - but have to say I am dam impressed and looking forward to seeing them this weekend here in DC.

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Head on over and check them out now and let me know what you think.


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