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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Repression, Its Contagious

Says Uncle has been doing a pulitizer worthy job of highlighting the repression of adult fun in Knoxville. I guess I might as well pick up on the story down in Chattanooga where it looks like the immoral minority - complicit with the City Council - is once again out to ruin everyone's good time.

A business that sells adult movies and toys in Chattanooga remains open even after police officers say it has no license.

The owner of Boulevard Cinema, formerly Cinema One Adult Bookstore, was supposed to be in court on charges of operating an adult establishment without a license.

But the court hearing has been passed again.

Owner John Harden Junior's attorney says he needs more time to prepare for the case.
Despite the city's citation of no adult entertainment license, Boulevard Cinema stands open for business.

Good for 'em. Keep sticking it to the city, right where the sun don't shine.

They are located on Rossville Blvd, across from Church's Chicken. Check 'em out next time your in the area.


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