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Monday, November 07, 2005

Deck of Bloggers


The Deck 'o Blogger's 2005.

Seem's to me that Gullyborg's Quixotic Quest to be the Jack of Spades is worthy of our support.

But then again, so is my effort to be the 2 of Diamonds. 2 of course being for the 2nd Amendment (which is what this little 'ol blog is all about) and Diamonds cause - well, cause diamonds are forever and all that and I think I've shown by my unwillingness to quit blogging over and over and over and over to actually be able to last for far longer than I ever expected.

Did I mention the gun thing????
Its also a bit of a p0rn thing, and ya know, I'm never without the good gun p0rn either.

Plus, who can honestly say they are out there competing for the 2 card?

If you agree, please consider putting up a post about me (and Gullyborg) and linking via trackbacks to here and most importantly here.


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