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Monday, November 07, 2005

Nice Comment

Someone - posting annonymously as "Your Wife Only Tolerates You" - left behind this brilliant comment.
you are beyond gay...clearly, you have a very tiny penis and all this blathering about guns and your vitrolic paranoia of liberals is compensation for not being able to shoot your load anymore...your poor with an impotent man, and a boring one at that, must be utter hell...well, at least there are plenty of college boys willing to sell their free time for a little 'fun' on the side for your wife, to put themselves through unsatisfied wives get laid in record numbers beause of this new breed of young willing, so eager to please, and so blessedly cheap that unaware husbands never notice the dip in the checking's a heck way more better than having to suffer such an incredibly boring man as yourself..


Of course, a couple of points are in order.

1) It showed up in Haloscan which shows it being posted at 11.06.05 - 11:49 pm from IP: One of the flaws of Haloscan though, is there is no way to figure out which post this comment was in regard to without going through the 1800+ posts I have made here. Anyone have a suggestion?

2) My wife and I shag just fine, thank you. While I may not be as gifted as the John Holmes of the world, my tool is a fair size and seems to do the job just fine - with the plumbing working right on schedule too! As for the checking account, well, I keep control over that. Any dip in it has been caused by me, not her.


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