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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Fire Phil Fulmer

Notre Dame 41
Tennessee 21

Fire Phil Fulmer, need I say more?

I will.

We gave up both a punt return for a touchdown, and an interception return for a touchdown. We also gave up another interception that was returned 41 yards and lead to a touchdown.

Sure does look like Randy Sander's departure is what we needed to fix the offense and special teams.

Of course, our much vaulted defense wasn't without their problems either. Consider, Notre Dame started the game on their own six and scored few plays later on a - was it 43 yards - touchdown pass. of course, that was followed up mere minutes later with a 35 yard touchdown pass after the Tennessee offense coughed the ball up. Not that I am forgetting the 78 yard pass which put Notre Dame on the 2 (from where - needless to say - they again scored a touchdown).

Like I've been saying, its time to Fire Phil Fulmer and end the misery.


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