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Wednesday, January 18, 2006



Followed everyone's advice and bought a box (120 count) of Mountain Fresh Anti Cling Fabric Softener sheets for my clothes dryer. Proceeded to take one out and wiped down my bench, my funnel, my scale, the bottle of Unique, and the gun powder hopper on my reloading press (as well as the Lee Auto Disks).

It worked wonders and I had no problems with static electricity tonight. Still, the Unique would not dispense in anything even approaching a consistent fashion. Because the loads last time were on the weak side, I used the next highest Auto Disk, the .71. According to the Lee chart, it should have provided me 6.5 grains of powder. In fact, it dispensed anywhere from 5.3 to 6.2 grains. What I discovered was that if I tapped the hopper - or reloaded with more powerful thrusts and shook the entire press (and bench) - the charges would be closer to 6.2. It makes sense as the powder gets caught up in the hopper and doesn't fall consistently.

I also tightened the crimp a fraction in an effort to increase pressure. I loaded 100 rounds tonight and am planning on hitting the range tomorrow night. If I can, I will post a report.


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