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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Light Postings

Don't expect much new posting here this weekend. Its a three day weekend, and things are going to be light.

In addition to putting together the polls and rules for the Gunnies (which I expect to unveil on Tuesday as the work week commences), I've got four big things going on this weekend.

First: The Redskins are playing Seattle at 4:30 on Saturday. I'll be in my basement, beer in hand, cheering them on.

Second: Saturday is also, as I've pointed out, is also the day that gun-banning-bigoted-former-mayor-of-Richmond-"Crime Central"-Virginia Tim Kaine is being sworn in as Governor. Since he opted to do the swearing in down in Williamsburg and not Richmond, I am heading down to Richmond at 8:00 am to hit the gun show. Gonna buy bullets, primers, and powder so I can start reloading. Might also try and do a photoblog of it.

Here's the combination reloading bench/workbench/laundry folding bench I built. As you can see, its got the Lee Turret Press on it (as well as the dies that arrived in the mail yesterday from Natchez). Its also still a work in progress. I am putting together a back stop for it and some more shelves to hang on the well behind it.

Image hosted by

Third: I "decapped" or took the primers out of over 650 .45 ACP brass cases tonight. I don't expect to load that many this weekend, but I do hope to put a couple of hundred together. When I am done, I will post a review of the Lee Turret Press here. Look for it in the coming week.

Fourth: We are meeting some good friends for breakfast on Sunday morning. We haven't gotten together with them in some time and depending on the weather will either go to Dumbarton Oaks or hit the Smithsonian.

There ya go.


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