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Friday, January 13, 2006

God, Liberals Sure Know How To Drag On

No, I'm not talking about blowhard Senators Chuck the Schmuck, Chappaquidick Ted, or Plagerising Joe, but washed up and deceased liberal asshat Eugene McCarthy who's memorial service is being held tomorrow.

Once there was a liberal movement, kids. And its principles will ring through Washington National Cathedral tomorrow, when former president Bill Clinton eulogizes the late Eugene McCarthy at an 11 a.m. memorial service open to the public. Folk singer Peter Yarrow will perform one last song for the former senator, who died last month at 89. Also expected are members of Minnesota's congressional delegation, and all those idealists who worked on McCarthy's short-lived 1968 presidential campaign.

Too bad I'm gonna miss it. I decided to celebrate Tim Kaine's innauguration by attending the gun show in Richmond instead.


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