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Friday, January 13, 2006

Shut Down Wal Mart


Wal Mart should just shut down their operations in Maryland. Fuck 'em, fire everyone of their 17,000 employees, bring in folks from Arkansas and haul their merchandise out.

Would't take long for the Bolsheviks running the People's Repupublic to stop celebrating. Nope, let them try and find other jobs and more importantly affordable places to shop for them.


Just another reason I don't cross the Potomac.

UPDATE: In the comments, GunnNutt proposes this more workable solution:

I think WMart should just close down enough stores to get under the limit set by the new law. Then put up a sign on the locked doors saying "Please thank the following people that YOU elected for a) killing your job and b) making you drive further to get to us." with a list of the asshats that voted "Yea".


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