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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Zendo Deb is why ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends seem to resort to violence so often.

I have no idea. No one is worth getting all worked up over. Oh sure, you can cry a little and drown your sorrows in booze. But get over it. People break up. All the time. They have for thousands of years. They will for thousands more. No one is worth it.

As Jude Law's charecter said in Alfie
Alfie Elkins' credo or philosophy, which is probably best summed up by the only advice my father ever gave me.

He said, ''Son, whenever you meet a beautiful woman......just remember, somewhere there's a bloke who's sick of shagging her.''

Of course, I've never had anyone take all my money. Or falsely accuse me of child abuse and/or pedophilia in order to get custody of my kids. Or accuse me of spousal abuse in order to take away my guns.

That would piss me off, and I guess justify some violence, but only because society hasn't gotten its act together to properly punish the bitches (and their femnazi lawyers and prosecutors) who willingly abuse the system for their own game.

Generally, I subscribe to the belief that if you falsly and with malice (not simply by mistake) accuse someone of a crime you should recieve whatever punishment they did or would have had you been successful. Until that point though . . . . . .


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