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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Crime Free Maryland, Good Grief

A 50-year-old man, his 47-year-old wife and their 24-year-old son were walking into a Wachovia Bank at 2800 West University Blvd. on Feb. 17 as a simmering feud between gangs from Wheaton and Takoma Park erupted.

"One gang was running from the other when they ran across this innocent family," said Lt. Eric Burnett, a police spokesman. "This was very unusual. It's the first time I can think of that innocent people were injured. It was not directed toward them."

The woman was knocked down as the group of roughly 30 alleged gang members tried to make their way into a Nextel store adjacent to the bank, police said. When her son and husband intervened, they were struck with metal batons and chairs, police said.

Not surprisingly, the idiots in Maryland don't know what to do with these vermin and are only chargin them as jeveniles.

Good luck that will do in keeping this goblin off the streets. Just another reason not to go to travel in Maryland, a state that cares more for the rights of criminals than law abiding citizens.


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