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Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Google Bomb Bleg

Hey, with the Bigoted-Gun-Banning-Pro-Violent-Rapist Doug Duncan running for Governor of Maryland, I thought we could try to get the word out via a google bomb.

I was wondering if everyone who reads this blog could put up a link to my last post on the Bigoted-Gun-Banning-Pro-Violent-Rapist Doug Duncan. My goal is to manipulate Google and have any search for Doug Duncan's name lead to my post pointing out his support of Rapist Rights over Victim Rights (unless of course, someone can nominate a better post to use).

Its not that I support his opponent, only that I oppose him and his gun banning ways (remember, he's the jerk who ordered the round up of all AR-15s during the sniper episode here in DC 2 years ago).

UPDATE Actually, someone emailed regarding this as an attempt to drive traffic here. It is not. In fact, to prove this, I will be creating a new, seperate blog which simply follows the success of Doug Duncan and his gun banning ways in stopping Crime in suburban Maryland. Look for details shortly!


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