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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Idiots With Guns

And this time, its an OC celebrity, 14 year old Willa Holland, who plays Mishca Barton's bad girl sister Kaitlin Cooper (Not to mention, Brian De Palma's step daughter).


Yep, this is all the fault of the gun makers (Damn you Gaston Glock!!!) and those damn NRA types. Why, if they just would come up with some sort of basic rules of gun safety, people wouldn't do dumb things like this.

Oh wait, they do have gun safety rules?

You mean like, don't let in-mature 14 year olds play with guns? Or, don't drink and play with guns?

How about don't point a gun at someone's head (unless you intend to shoot them?)

Hey, at least she kept her finger off the trigger.


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