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Monday, April 10, 2006

My Own Personal Top 10

States to consider relocating to (based solely on tax burdens)

1. South Dakota
2. Texas
3. New Hampshire
4. Colorado
5. Missouri
6. Tennessee
7. Alabama
8. South Carolina
9. Georgia
10. Oregon

Now, of these 10, some are clearly not in the running for real move. For instance, while South Dakota might have the lowest tax burden, it also has little there that would draw me (employment wise). I actually spoke with some folks about a job in Houston not too long ago, but my wife is dead set against moving to Texas. I would be giddy with delight over living in New Hampshire but my wife already tried the Northeast once, and I can't imagine her putting up with the snow (though it would be good for my son). Missouri is just plain too flat, and St. Louis isn't my favorite city. Oregon is just too far away, and I've never been there. I want to go visit, but don't know about moving.

As for the rest, I should have moved to Colorado when I had the chance, though I think if the opportunity arose we would still consider it. The others though are all very much a possibility and located in generally the same small Southeastern part of the country that I've begun to love. We already have a place in Georgia and I am in the process of completing the bar application for both there and the Tennessee. I have great connections to the business and political community in Alabama, and have discussed a move to Birmingham with people in the past, but continue to weigh my options. Finally, I like South Carolina a lot and see lots of opportunity for growth there - especially as they come closer to development of their massive interstate highway construction project (Glenn Reynolds' pork buster campaign be damned!).


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