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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Rockets Red Glare

Great story in the Post story longing for the great roadside fireworks displays and backyard fireworks wars of yesterday. The writer laments the passing of time and the inability of todays kids to really enjoy the fourth of july. Well, as I emailed, thats not the case everywhere:

Great story on fireworks. Luckily, this year we are spending the Independence Day weekend in the Chattanooga Tennessee area where the great state of Tennessee not only doesn't impose an income tax but also hnoors and trusts its citizens to play with fireworks and actually recognizes the 2nd Amendment.

But this is about the fireworks. Massive fireworks. Things that go boom. The rockets red glare. Bursting (BOOOOOOMING) in the air. Huge Wal Mart sized Fireworks Superstores.

Its a beautiful thing to behold. A joy to take my four year old to one.

Oh, and least you think this is some red state blue state thing, the governor is a Democrat and there is a better than even chance that Sen. Majority leader Bill Frists seat is gonna be won by a Democrat - Harold Ford, Jr. Democracy at work - what you get when politicians don't offend common sense and their constituents civil rights (see Al Gore for the opposite result).


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