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Monday, January 01, 2007


Reception. Halfway between Bristol and Roanoke (Wytheville, VA area ... middle of nowhere) and the FM Modulator still sucks. Seriously, this is an unacceptable way to listen to the radio , and how come with all the positive satellite radio reviews out there, no one ever mentions it. Right now, I'd say it would be a deal killer. Has anyone filed a class action against them over this???

Howard SternI've listened to a number of replays on the Howard 100 channel. One complaint - too much use of the word Fuck, though its worse on the comedy channels. I'm not a prude, and use the word often myself, but seriously just saying the word in and of itself is neither original or funny.

The quality of the porn star talk though is much improved listening. To some chick - Paris Gaibler - who pukes on people and then eats it ... Seriously, how do you get into that?!?!?!?

Still, as funny as it is, Howard still needs to bring back Jackie the jokeman.


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