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Friday, November 11, 2005

Criminal Safe Zone

What happens when your an idiot gun banning banker who likes the fact that your establishment is a "gun free zone"?

Well, you can expect to be robbed.

For Wachovia, it is happening more and more frequently, with the latest string of robberies being conducted without the slightest concern as the robber is engaged in a leisurely telephone conversation.

In an act of either incredible cool or something much more sinister, a young woman has robbed four Wachovia bank branches in Northern Virginia in recent weeks, all while seemingly immersed in cell phone chats, police say. In the most recent holdup, on Nov. 4 in Ashburn, video footage shows the woman to be almost uninterested as a teller hands her a stack of cash, and she continues talking on her phone as she turns and walks out of the bank.

Of course, local Wachovia's have been struck before (heck, there was a seemingly unrelated string of Wachovia robberies last month in Richmond) so this can't be that surprising to them.

Makes you wonder though, can you really trust your money there?

I don't.


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