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Monday, January 26, 2004

The Building Museum

why.i.hate.dc is linking to a story on the Washington Post's Sunday Source section. It’s a pretty good assessment of a worthless section of a really bad, one topic newspaper. Actually, almost more than anything else I hate about D.C., I hate the Post.

In describing this ridiculous section, why.i.hate.dc mentions the occasional celebrity interview and gives, as an example, the fact that Mandy Moore likes the Building Museum and knowing that makes the reader feel less intelligent. Well, I had no idea who Mandy Moore was, and besides the fact that she is defiantly HOT, I've got to agree with the general assertion. Especially since I fully agree with Ms. Moore on this subject.

Here's the comment I left:

I don't have the slightest who Mandy Moore is, but I have to agree with her. The building museum is my favorite building in D.C. Especially in the morning on a bright crisp winter day, if you come out of the metro as the sun hits the red brick, with the soldiers of the frieze marching onward, and the brilliant blue sky framing it, there is no building more beautiful or well designed.

It really is a fine building. The interior, though not as attractive as the exterior, is also one of the finest sights in D.C. Plush doesn't adequately describe it. As you walk in, towering, speckled marble, Corinthian columns greet you with attractive fountains on either side.

I used to serve as the general counsel for a charitable fundraiser in D.C. that hosted their annual gala at the Building Museum for most of their first 10 years. Unfortunately, because of problems with our guests in the fountains, they now frown upon large, alcohol fueled, private events at the Building Museum. That’s too bad, but I'll continue to go.


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