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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Sickness And Health Part III

Well, I was hoping to be able to provide you with some spectacular pictures from the new Air and Space Museum complex out in Suburban Virginia. Unfortunately, the sickness has continued and we've postponed our trip for another week. Look for the pictures next weekend ... with any luck.

In other news .... It’s snowing right now. Coming down about 2 inches an hour. We already have over 4 inches on the ground and its supposed to grow heavier overnight and continue until tomorrow morning, just before rush hour. That is a lot of snow for around here and will pretty much shut everything down tomorrow. I guess I'll have a snow day, but I really can't afford the time off. I've a lot of work to complete in preparing comments on the Bush Administration's Mercury Rulemaking and Interstate Air Quality Rule - both examples of giant environmental strides made under the current administration.

We'll probably go snowshoeing in the morning with the son and dog. I might have some pictures from that to post too.


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