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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Florida, Redux

Did the major networks forget Florida 2000? Are their reporters on drugs? Do they possess some kind of magical insight?

It's 9:47 pm right now. In the Wisconsin Primary, 28% of the polls are reporting and John Kerry, the haughty, French looking democrat from Taxachussets who by the way served in Vietnam is polling at 38%, as is John Kerry, the slip and fall guy from South Carolina. While there are a couple of hundred votes separating them, the results keep teetering back and forth and the pre primary polls indicating a Kerry landslide have been repudiated. This is so close, the hometown paper of the largest city, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, is still calling the race as a tie. Yet, even with the race tied and only 1/4 of the precincts counted, both CNN and Fox are predicting another victory for the Masshole traitor.

What gives??


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