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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

John Kerry, Special Interest

Today is Virginia Primary Day. Haven't voted yet, but expect to this morning. Who will I vote for . . . I'm not sure yet. If Joe is on the ballot, he'll probably get my vote. Otherwise I don't know. I do know who I won't vote for ... Mr. Special Interest himself.

It now appears that Kerry is not only the recipient of lots of Special Interest funding, but that his wife is playing loosey goosey with campaign finance laws and her support of special interests. I learned of her large donation to the League of Conservation Voters the day it happened (tracking these intellectual and anti American criminals is my job after all). While the Post doesn't really focus on how unseemly this is, their reporting on the potential conflicts of interests (and the questions of veracity it raises) is at least heartening to read about it in the New York Post. As least some people will be informed.


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