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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Fallujah Attack

Yahoo news is posting some very disturbing pictures of charred and mutilated victims of an attack in Fallujah. It seems the Fallujah Iraqis are quickly turning into the same barbarians that inhabit Mogadishu.

These pictures clearly show the faces of those in the crowd, and while we can't be certain of who actual undertook the attack, I see no reason for not rolling a division into Fallujah and silencing these terrorist barbarians for good, permanantly.

UPDATE - Glen Reynolds agree's that these barbarians are intent on turning Fallujah into Magadishu. However, as he points out, theirs a new sheriff in town and he ain't about to back down. Instead of parking a U.S. division in Fallujah, he makes a much better suggestion. End the infrastructure repairs and send a division of Kurds in, giving them free reign to do what they want. Hey, I guess thats why he's the professor and I'm not. He's just that much smarter than I. Wish I had thought of that idea.


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