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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

How much will John Kerry cost America?

At least $1,699,282,000,000

The Crease has an incredibly complete breakdown of the numbers.

However, there are two VERY EXPENSIVE items that are missing from the list.

First, the cost of ratifying the Kyoto Treaty on Climate Change or otherwise enacting some climate change regime here at home - A good analysis of the cost is here. The official estimate of $450 billion a year was made by the Energy Information Administration, an independent arm of the Department of Energy and is the reason why Clinton was never able to get any senator to ratify Kyoto.

The list also doesn't include the cost of implementing the MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology "including prohibitions on such emissions") standard on mercury emissions from power plants that the enviros are attacking Bush about. The cost there is at least 19.3 billion a year.

Together that adds another $469.3 billion a year to the cost of a Kerry Presidency for a grand total of



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